A short story from my everyday life, about how a small misunderstanding can lead to big difference.

me wearing the 100% hackers-outfit — on the bus that day — with all instagram filters applied.

I’ve always been interested in security on the internet. Or well, I lie. I wasn’t really interested in security, when I wrote one of my first online applications, a recipe-website for a farmers-association…

Concentrated Websteppers studying the depths of tech-leading

Every spring and every fall Webstep Ab. organises a “Competence Weekend” (kompetenshelg) for employed consultants. Organising such a weekend is a quite simple but long process. Team-leaders gather information from consultants in their teams, on what they would like to learn, where they would like to add to their knowledge…

Reynir Hübner

For over 20 years I’ve been a professional developer, architect, tech/team-lead, CTO, jug-leader, OWASP chapter-lead, cyclist, guitar player and family guy.

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